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What is the N.F.A. Firearms Program?

U.S. LawShield has established its N.F.A. Program as a one-stop legal program for residents of Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Oklahoma who desire to own or possess firearms that are regulated by the National Firearms Act.

What do our NFA/Firearms Program members receive?

Services before transfer of N.F.A. item(s):

  • Step by step instruction and real legal advice from our lawyers as to what is the best manner for our Client/Member to purchase and own an N.F.A. Item(s) (machine gun, suppressor, short barreled rifle/shotgun, A.O.W. and/or D.D.).
  • Our legal team will prepare all the necessary legal documents for you to acquire an N.F.A. Item(s), including an N.F.A. Trust, review of Form 1 or Form 4, etc.
  • Our lawyers and staff will explain each step of the N.F.A. purchase process to our Client/Member, with personalized service and guidance.

Services after your transfer is complete

  • Transfer Defense™ (Offered Exclusively by Texas Law Shield, LLP)
  • Discounted prices for N.F.A. Client/Members who need to document additional transfers. The current Client/Member price for additional transfers is $19.95.
  • Reduced rates for any N.F.A. Client/Members if they have any other legal issues involving the N.F.A. or B.A.T.F.E. not involving the transfer.
  • E-mail updates on firearms law and N.F.A. law.
  • If the Client/Member also becomes a client in the Texas Law Shield, LLP, Law Shield Firearms Program, their use of any N.F.A. Item is covered.
  • N.F.A. Program Membership Card – We recommend carrying your membership card, along with your required paperwork (Form 4, Trust documents, etc.), whenever you have the N.F.A. Item in your possession. The membership card is not required by law of any kind, but it can make people unfamiliar with N.F.A. law more comfortable if you should ever need to reassure them of your legal status.
  • Continuing N.F.A. support – If you have an N.F.A. question, call us, “We are here to help!”